Unrepresented parties cannot agree on summer access:

  • Parties cannot afford to have lawyers involved
  • They are too late to book a court date
  • They want to “speak to the Judge”
  • Parties book a 1 hour “Expedited Hearing” as early as 3 days before the hearing, without the need for Affidavits or lawyers; sit in a boardroom, and are able to state their case to the Arbitrator under oath
  • Start to finish, they receive their written decision within 5 days

Court date booked for interim spousal support:

  • The lawyers want the Affidavits read before oral argument
  • The lawyers want longer than 10 min for argument
  • The clients want involvement in process
  • 1⁄2 day “Expedited Hearing” is booked as early as 5 days before the hearing
  • Short Affidavit exchange process and oral evidence under oath
  • All materials read by Arbitrator before hearing
  • Clients and lawyers have 1⁄2 day for argument/explanation of their case
  • Written decision within 48 hours

Parties facing exclusive possession application:

  • Lawyers feel materials are not needed and involvement by the clients would be best
  • Lawyers want a decision maker experienced in family law
  • 1 hr. “Expedited Hearing” can be booked as early as 3 days before the hearing, without materials

The parties agree to their property division except for the determination of exemptions:

  • Parties cannot afford trial and want the matter resolved expeditiously
  • Typically cannot book court Chambers for property issues
  • 1/2 day “Regular Hearing” booked and will be heard as early as 25
  • days from booking the date
  • Short Affidavit exchange process
  • Clients and lawyers like the informal oral argument format

The parties are facing an expensive and time consuming mobility application.

  • Both parties want to speak directly to the decision maker
  • The lawyers want a full day hearing
  • 1 day “Regular Hearing” occurs as early as 25 days from booking the date

The parties require a full parenting plan.

  • It is essential that the decision maker hears detailed particulars of the family’s circumstances
  • After a full day “Regular Hearing” a detailed parenting plan is awarded, taking into consideration the family’s circumstances

The parties have agreed on everything in mediation except retroactive spousal and child support;

  • The parties book a 1⁄2 day “Regular Hearing”
  • Short Affidavit exchange process
  • Parties decide not to attend and have lawyers present oral argument only
  •  Decision made within 7 days of hearing